About us

We are the fastest growing car park management company in Spain

We are the fastest growing car park management company in Spain. We currently manage a portfolio of more than 40,000 parking spaces in more than 100 excellent central locations in Spain's main cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Murcia and Granada, as a result of a policy of selective growth.

Since our inception in 2015 as a Firmum Capital project to manage the purchase of parking assets, both owned and under concession, we have demonstrated that we are the most dynamic and the fastest growing company in the sector, and we have rapidly established ourselves as one of the leading operators of underground car parks in Spain, thanks to a team who are experts in the investment, operation and management of this type of asset.

At APK2 we are convinced that sustainable mobility is the future. However, when we talk about sustainable mobility, car parks are usually largely overlooked, despite being a major and fundamental element. It is estimated that 30% of traffic in cities is due to vehicles looking for a parking space. This means that if more use were made of parking infrastructure, a third of the pollution in large urban centres would be eliminated. That is why we are implementing policies aimed at transforming car parks into mobility hubs, a model where people are again the protagonists in terms of user experience, personalised services and products, comfort and even security, thanks to digitisation.

Examples of these policies include the project to implement electric charging spaces, together with EDP. This will ensure all our car parks have at least two publicly accessible charging points installed, making a total of 200 throughout Spain, and becoming one of the largest electrical infrastructures in our country.

As anther example, we are installing Amazon lockers in all our car parks, with the aim of optimising the last mile logistics. We also have scooters and bicycles for rent so that car parks can be used to deter people from driving in the very centre of cities and they can finish their journey using a much more sustainable means of transport. We are also committed to car sharing, with agreements with several companies in the sector that use our car parks as a base for their vehicles.

Management Team

Our management team is made up of professionals most of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the construction, acquisition, management, operation and maintenance of car park infrastructure, with the highest quality standards.

  • Cristian Abelló Gamazo

Managing Partner

  • Bernardino Diaz-Andreu

Managing Partner

  • Fernando Pire Abarca

Managing Partner

  • Dolores Viejo Gonzalez

Director of Operations

  • Nuria Corcuera Alday

Director of Development and Quality

  • Alejandro Álvarez Morán

Director of Finance and Administration

  • Ignacio Iranzo López

Director of Marketing

  • Juan Carlos Vázquez

Systems Department Manager

  • Mariano Romero Berges

Legal Department Manager