What we offer

We offer experience, we offer partners who are leaders in the sector, we offer outstanding management skills and we offer a Mission, a Vision and Values that guide us every day.


We have a management team with more than 20 years of experience in the investment, construction, maintenance and operation of car parks.

Over the past two decades, the APK2 team between us have managed more than 500 car parks and launched more than 60 new facilities.

Our high level of know-how in this type of infrastructure ranges from hospitals to historical centres, and of course also to administrative, commercial and leisure centres.

Partners who are leaders in the sector:

Our partners have run some of the leading companies in this sector or have served on their boards of directors.

Outstanding management capabilities:

We have a successful track record in the management of platforms that lead the sector in the Iberian Peninsula and a proven track record of success in the management and operation of this type of business.

A Mission, Vision and Values that guide us every day:

The Mission, Vision and Values are the basic pillars and principles that guide our way working and of managing APK2.


Our mission is to manage parking infrastructures to meet people’s needs for mobility services, harmonising customer and employee satisfaction with the interests of our shareholders and the development of society.


At APK2 we have a long-term vision, both for our relations with local administrations and with our customers.

Our objective is to be a benchmark operator in the field of managing parking infrastructures and providing this type of public service through the selective and sustainable growth of our establishments, their efficient management and administration, excellence in the quality of service to our customers and users, and the defence of the interests of our shareholders.

And proof of this is that since our inception in 2015, starting from scratch, we have already positioned ourselves as the third company in Spain by car park volume.


Everything we do at APK2 is guided by the set of values that define the character and culture of our organisation. These help us maintain long-term relationships. They are part of our DNA and help us generate a shared sense of ownership in the company.


Consistency in achieving the proposed objectives, the competitive advantage of our management thanks to the know-how and experience of the team and loyalty to our partners and investors, the motivation of our work.


Every day we work to improve. We understand that the key to long-term success lies in daily effort and the talent of our team.


To our investors, to the people we do business with, to our suppliers, to our customers, to the team. We know the importance of every transaction we make. We take the utmost care in the way we conduct our business.


We appreciate simplicity and common sense in every aspect of managing our car park infrastructure.


The members of the APK2 team enjoy doing our job well and that’s reflected in our attitude during our daily activity and also in the firm's growth every year.