Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription

Do you live or work near one of our car parks? We’re sure that one of our monthly season tickets will suit you.

Forget about renting a space in a private car park with the associated deposits, long-term commitments and high prices. With us you’ll have the cheapest, easiest and most convenient solution to your parking and mobility problems.

APK2 season tickets are the best option for regular parking in an area, and you can book them right here through our booking platform.


Convenience: Automatic barrier opening by reading and recognising the number plate.

Price: We always try to find a sweet spot between what we offer and its value.

Freedom: No long-term commitment, no cumbersome contracts and no deposit. Only use our car parks when you really want to.

Flexibility: We offer you many different products so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Simplicity: Book your season ticket in two clicks and park immediately.

Types of Season Ticket

Each car park will offer you different season tickets, adapted to the specific needs of each area or city, but in general APK2 will offer you the following season tickets:

  • 24 hours: No restrictions. 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Night-time: With fixed hours during the night, and many also include weekends and holidays.

  • Flexible: A certain number of hours each day.

  • Daytime: With fixed hours during the day.

  • Companies: Discounted prices for the purchase of multiple season tickets.

  • Special Season Tickets

  • Motorbikes

Check availability in your preferred car park by clicking the button below.

Monthly subscription

Park with your vehicle registration number

In all our car parks we have ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology, so you can enter and exit without having to take tickets or carry printouts of QR codes. Once you’ve made your booking, simply approach the barrier and it will open automatically after reading and recognising your number plate. Enjoy your parking!