Management contracts

Management contracts

APK2 can help you enhance the value of your car park by offering a comprehensive service tailored to each facility. We have the knowledge, technology and equipment necessary to guarantee that each car park is profitable, and each owner is fully satisfied.

  • We are one of the leading operators in the Spanish car park market.
  • We have a business plan designed to deliver both national and international growth.
  • We manage more than 110 car parks.
  • We offer a comprehensive service for parking solutions.
  • Management practices aimed at efficiency, innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Operation in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards.

The team at APK Gestión de Aparcamientos has extensive experience in launching and growing public and private car park businesses, including the design phases (incorporating technical and economic feasibility studies), construction, initial launch of the activity (including licences) and operation.

Our experience allows us to specialise in optimising the performance of the car parks we manage and greatly improve their profitability. APK Gestión de Aparcamientos therefore offers this service to public and private organisations that wish to entrust their management to an expert team which will improve profitability for them.