Get to know our App

Get to know our App

The most convenient and economical way to park with us. With discounts you won't believe!


We haven't invented the wheel, but we have a parking app that makes everything easier and more comfortable. Are you going to miss it?

To start enjoying the benefits of the new APK2 parking app, access the Google Play platforms for Android systems and Apple Store for IOS and search for the Parking App.

Download the app and once the installation is complete, click Open. To register, all you have to do is enter your email, password and license plate of your vehicle.

Do you want to enjoy greater payment convenience? Register your card and make payments automatically when you leave the parking lot, without waiting or having to go to one of our ATMs.

If you already have an entry ticket, don't worry, thanks to our parking app you can scan it, or enter the ticket or license plate number in “Pay Ticket” and make the payment for the stay without problems. Also, keep a control of expenses in real time by consulting the duration and amount in the “Stays” section of the main menu of the APK2 parking app.

On the other hand, if you are wondering how many vehicles you can add, our parking app lets you include up to five license plates. An excellent option if you have your own vehicle, professional vehicle or want to facilitate parking for a friend or family member.

Do you want to avoid waiting? Thanks to the automatic license plate recognition system of our registered users, you will enjoy the greatest comfort without wasting a single minute collecting the ticket at the entrance. At APK2 we understand that your time is money and we offer you the “Parkings” section in our app, where we tell you which is the best option for parking and save time searching for parking. We will also indicate the prices of each of them.

Also, don't miss out on all the rates and special promotions that are waiting for you when you register in our app for the more than 75 car parks that we have throughout the country. Do you want to find out about all the offers? Access the “Personal Information” section of the “My data” menu and form part of our loyalty program using the option “I want to join the APK2 Club”.

To keep your usual car park, take out a monthly pass at any of our car parks, or if you want to use one of our car parks on an occasional basis and ensure a space upon arrival, we recommend making a reservation by hours and days by accessing our website www.apk2.es from the app.

What are you waiting for? Try the ** best parking app ** and you will never want to park any other way.

● Available for iOS and Android devices, just download the app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.
● Automatic opening of the barrier through reading and license plate recognition (or with QR if something goes wrong).
● Automatic payment by associated bank card.
● Entry notification and stay summary.
● Up to 5 license plates per user.
● Control of expenses in real time.
● Loyalty program Club APK2.
● Historical consultation of movements.
● Rates and special promotions.