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  • Plaza de Santoña
  • Triunfo - AVE
  • Escolapios
  • Arabial
  • Mondragones
  • Hospital Traumatología
  • Arjona
  • Chapina
  • Meliá - Lebreros
  • Magdalena
  • Rambla
  • Meliá - Sky
  • Meliá - Sarriá
  • Meliá - Loreto
  • Plaza del Mar
  • Travessera 53
  • Centric
  • Mercado de Abastos
  • Central Pontevedra
  • Corazón de María
  • Avenida de Brasil
  • Edgar Neville
  • Gran Vía - Isabel La Católica
  • General Perón 32
  • Plaza de Oriente
  • Plaza del Rey
  • Máiquez 21
  • Don Ramón de la Cruz 38
  • Catedral - Oblatas
  • Catedral
  • Juan de Ayala
  • El Pilar
  • Parque Europa
  • Plaza del Socorro
  • Martínez Astein
  • Plaza del Arenal
  • Plaza Madre de Dios
  • Plaza del Caballo
  • El Molino
  • Marqués de Duero - Centro
  • Arias Maldonado
  • La Ermita
  • Plaza Pío XII - Amara
  • Herriko Plaza
  • Lys
  • Abastos
  • Tráfico - AVE
  • Aragón - Chile
  • Hospital General Universitario
  • Colón 60
  • Pere Cornell
  • Clavé - San Félix
  • Hospital Provincial II
  • Juez Borrull
  • Hospital Provincial I
  • Avenida del Mar
  • Hospital General
  • Avenida de la Horchata
  • Avenida de España
  • El Sembrador - AVE
  • Plaça Mayor
  • El Serrallo - Port
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Longoria Carbajal
  • Plaza de Europa
  • Seis de agosto - Jovellanos
  • Cáceres Centro
  • Weyler
  • Aldaikoerreka Plaza
  • Biteri Plaza
  • Laubide Plaza
  • Plaza de La Paz
  • Carlet - AVE
  • Plaça Imperial
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Welcome to APK2

For the automatic renewal of your monthly pass, in compliance with the GDPR, you must sign up in our private area, in which you can consult, manage, modify or cancel the products you have hired.

The renewal will be automatically effective each month by charging the amount to your bank card.

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If you have any doubts, contact our customer service at info@apk2.es.

Duplicated reservation

There is already an active reservation for the vehicle %carLicense% in the parking lot %parkingName%. You can renew it at the parking lot itself or continue with the purchase. If you do so, we advise you, for convenience, to choose the automatic renewal option.

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There is already an active subscription for the vehicle %carLicense% in the parking lot %parkingName%. If you continue with the purchase, the current subscription will end on %nextRenew%. If you cancel, the current subscription will renew on that date